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Urban Solace & Solace and the Moonlight Lounge

Classic and Modern American

Urban Solace, located in the heart of North Park’s “Restaurant Row,” near Hillcrest, South Park and University Heights, in San Diego, CA, features classic and modern American cuisine, by Executive Chef Matt Gordon. Urban Solace opened it’s doors in September of 2007. Shortly after in August of 2011, it’s sister restaurant, Solace and the Moonlight lounge opened in the North County coastal city of Encinitas. “We opened Solace because … we felt that the Encinitas market had a demographic that was receptive to our natural and sustainable concept of food and cocktails, and we loved the location.”

Solace and the Moonlight Lounge and Urban Solace both offer a menu of gourmet casual foods including a sample of Chef Matt’s signature dishes. Both menus and bars are completely free of artificial ingredients and are comprised of mostly organic and sustainable products.

Each restaurant reflects the city it resides in. Solace in Encinitas is more seafood-focused, with the raw bar and variety of fish dishes. Urban Solace in North Park reflects the youthful, hip vibe with modern twists on American classics.

At Urban Solace, entrees include the fan-favorite Duckaroni, “Not Your Momma’s Meatloaf”, pulled chicken and buttermilk dumplings, braised Paso Prime grass fed beef cheeks, and BBQ glazed Duroc pork belly. Saturday Blunch and Sunday Bluegrass Brunch boast signature Urban Solace items like a warm buttermilk cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting, kitchen sink biscuits ‘n gravy and a simple bowl o’ grits. Starters, salads and sandwiches are also available.

Solace and the Moonlight Lounge features a deluxe artisan meat and cheese board in addition to a variety of entrees. Fan favorites include braised Paso prime grass fed beef cheek, and sumac rubbed wild salmon, leg of duck confit, and the urban burger. Solace also features vegetarian menus, with a 3-course tasting menu offered every Wednesday.

In each space, Executive Chef Matt Gordon treats restaurant guests just like guests in his own home, offering healthy, sustainable and delicious meals. Many items such as condiments and syrups for drinks are made on site to ensure quality and eliminate corn syrup.

Solace and the Moonlight Lounge and Urban Solace are built on the foundations of simplicity, honest food and exemplary service. Beyond plates of classic and modern American cuisine, lies Chef Matt Gordon’s commitment to smart sourcing, sustainability and total elimination of all artificial ingredients.

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    Open for Lunch at 11:30am

    Mon - Tues, Kitchen closes at 9:00pm
    Wed - Thurs, Kitchen closes at 10:00pm
    Friday Kitchen closes at 11pm

    Brunch begins at:
    10:30am Sat. & 9:30am Sun.

    Saturday Kitchen closes at 11 pm
    Sunday Kitchen at 9pm

    The Moonlight Lounge will remain open one hour after dinner.

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